How To Download A Schematic

  • Find a schematic that you want to download
  • Click the blue download button
  • The .nbt file will now be in your downloads folder
  • Place the file in C:Users<Your User>AppDataRoaming<Minecraft Launcher>instances<Instance Name>schematics [NOTE: Bolded words depend on your device settings and names.]
  • Now, in-game place a schematic table, place an empty schematic in the left slot and select the schematic you want to imprint onto it.
  • Have Fun!

How To Format A Schematic

  • Choose a proper name for your schematic which correctly portrays it.
  • Accurately fill in the initial drop down choices.
  • Upload a 'featured image' (the thumbnail).
  • Upload gallery images
  • Write a unique and fitting description for your schematic.
  • Tag your item properly, do not use inaccurate tags, do not spam tags.
  • If you are reuploading a schematic, credit the original creator.
  • If your schematic has dependencies (other mods are required for it to function), check the box and fill out the next field.
  • Reminder, posts must be in English.