General Rules

  1. Lurk Moar; Understand Post Formatting Before Uploading.
  2. Post Your Own Content, If Not Then Provide Sufficient Credit.
  3. If Your Schematic Requires Dependencies, List Them.
  4. All writing MUST be in the English language. 
  5. No low effort posts, all posts subject to removal at my discretion.
  6. Be Courteous In The Comment Section.
  7. Do Not Create An Account Impersonating Others.
  8. Test Your Schematic Before Uploading It.
  9. Thumbnail Images Must Contain The Schematic.
  10. No unauthorized redistribution of uploaded content.

Bannable Rules (All Bans Are Final And Are Linked to IP Addresses)

  1. Do Not Inflate Or Deflate Schematic Ratings.
  2. No NSFW Content.
  3. No Advertising. (Ex. Linking To A Discord Server)
  4. Attempting To Upload A Virus.