Searchbar Update


Search bar has been fixed!!! (i hope)

I have changed the search system such that all post titles and tags are now indexed allowing for the search system to check all posts faster.
Previously the amount of posts was low and thus it was not an issue but as the amount of posts grew the time it took to search increased so much that some people reported being able to make whole sandwiches before it loaded. (I'm a Reuben guy personally).

Anyways, hopefully the search should report partials within a second or so and full searches as well.

More updates to come.

Minor Changes


Site has been updated to allow for Mod Version (0.5 a-e) and for tagging with Game Version 1.19.X

That's all for now, I apologize for the lag as none of the previously mentioned upcoming changes from the July announcement have been implemented yet.

That said I'm going to promise a new working search bar, soon.

Website Update Announcement


The website will undergo a large update soon. Changes will be staggered and released upon completion not all at once.
A non-ordered list of these changes will be:

  • New Comment Section, This may wipe all previous comments made.
  • New Author Page and backlinks
  • Live Author Post Editing
  • New Gallery and related bug fixes
  • Mobile Friendly Design

I greatly appreciate the influx of new users after the 0.5 Create Update and thank you all for being patient while I catch up on working on this website.

A News Section Has Been Added


This section will act as a way to be informed of Create Updates and patches, along with website changes, updates and upcoming features.