25K Redstone /HR Farm

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
Game Version
By: KindleBubbleDump
May 31, 2024
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This is the most overkill redstone dust farm ever. This makes 25,000 Redstone Dust per hour and requires ~18K nether wart, 17.5K andesite, 200 Blaze Rods per hour. It also needs an infinite lava source to power the blaze burners.

Create Mod 0.5.1.f: Coming Soon!

53 Shafts
39 Fluid Pipes
34 Brass Funnels
20 Mechanical Belts
15 Gearboxes
13 Cogwheels
13 Depots
9 Item Vaults
9 Spouts
7 Smart Chutes
6 Basins
6 Blaze Burners
6 Mechanical Mixers
5 Mechanical Pumps
3 Building Block (Smooth Stone)
3 Chutes
2 Crushing Wheels
2 Fluid Tanks
2 Redstone Links
2 Smart Fluid Pipes
1 Mechanical Arm
1 Threshold Switch


The netherack recipe is using create: Additional Recipes Create: Liquid Fule Mod is used to power the blaze burners with lava
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