3-in-1 Bee Farm - Honeycomb, Liquid Honey, Honey Blocks

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: joecarpita
May 1, 2024
5/5 (2)
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A 3-in-1 Bee Farm that yields your choice of Honeycomb, Liquid Honey, or Honey Blocks!

The farm is modular and can be expanded as you find/breed more beehives/bees.

Toggling between honeycomb & liquid honey is controlled via a button. I recommend only pressing it at night when the bees are sleeping to avoid injuring any bees who might clip through the contraption as the is moving. Switching between liquid honey & honey blocks is controlled by a lever on a clutch on the back of the farm. Controls are labeled with signs.

Other Notes:
- **The dispensers must be filled with shears in order for honeycombs to be farmed.**
- Footprint of schematic is 7x8x16
- This farm can use beehives or bee nests (but the schematic specifies bee nests).
- Schematic calls for 1 honey block and 1 honeycomb but these are only for the placard and can be skipped during initial build.

(This farm was originally created for a play through of Create: Astral, but uses only Vanilla & Create blocks)

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2 comments on “3-in-1 Bee Farm - Honeycomb, Liquid Honey, Honey Blocks”

  1. Another note: the creative generator below the Rotational Speed Controller is where to input rotational power (the creative generator is not in the schematic)

  2. Hey! I think I can figure this out, but for some reason the signs paste into my world without any text on them. Is there any chance of updating the screenshots with some readable ones of the signage?

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