884ksu Self Starting 6T9 Steam Engine w/Lava

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: myflippingbits
April 22, 2023
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Inspired by TangoTek S2 of Create Mod for how to get the water pump system to be so flat & Triobian on smallest setup to feed the blaze burners

The intent of this build had 3 goals.

1. Being very clean & small for engine size
2. Least amount of blocks and cheapest type of blocks as possible.
3. Self-starting and sustaining. Most people do self-sustaining but it drives me nuts that if I unload the area incorrectly or restart the server at bad timing it gets turned off and you manually have to start it again, so fixing this was a must for it to start itself.

Once the schematic cannon completes. To turn the steam engine on all you need to do is provide water, empty bucket, lava and place shafts

1. Go underneath the burners in the middle and fill the trench with water you will have to waterlog pumps and/or pipes. Stairs should be waterlogged.
2. Go to top of build and waterlog the top of the build just like in the pictures.
3. Place the shafts to complete the Steam Engines.
4. Waterlog the middle shafts right next to the waterwheels to start the engines, see picture for example. If using more than one engine-set in a tiled fashion they won't start until all waterwheels are spinning.
5. Place bucket (or two buckets if there are two mechanical arms) on depot for mechanical arm to pickup.
6. Fill the lava pool last or else it will be hard to get under the middle to fill with water and place bucket.

I personally prefer to use an infinite lava pool as it has multiple purposes and I don't have to wait for there to be enough dripped lava. So if you have the ability it is highly recommended to make one or use a deep underground overworld source.

Notes of consideration:

Startup time to max capacity with infinite lava pool ~4mins.
Startup time to max capacity with lava add-on +1.5hr.

Schematic cannon should set the correct RPM on the Rotational Controller but in case it is not set:
4T9: Top controller: 20RPM, Bottom Controller: 200RPM
6T9: Top controller: 48RPM, Bottom Controller: 200RPM

Double check pumps feeding lava are correct direction and if water is not maxed to 9 bars on any of the boilers then a pump must somehow be facing wrong direction.

Visual errors in the tanks produced by the schematic cannon should not affect the build. Double check stressmeter for verification.

If your stressmeter is not reading full rated output you may have to punch out one block per each tank and place it back, do this for one tank at a time to ensure it rebuilds the tank properly. (if using lava add-on) same goes for lava tank.

You can always extend the lava pool/cauldrons and pipes for lava to be produced faster. I wanted to keep footprint small while still working so that was a constraint on startup speed.

This build can be tiled on the left and right sides for expansion.

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