A self-sufficient rail factory.

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-c)
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By: Ragog
August 9, 2022
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8*8*19 with cobble gen on top and 4 blase burners with water source in floor. ~40 rails per minute with built-in cobble gen or up to ~150 rails per minute with external cobble gen.

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One comment on “A self-sufficient rail factory.”

  1. I Think you slightly miss scanned this as water and blaze burners in the floor were missing from the schematic. Also I have found that if the blaze burners run out of fuel the entire machine halts and is a pain to get back up and running again perhaps the addition of a system to isolate the steam engine(and fueling setup) from the actual rail production and a entirely isolated system for the water pumps to prevent it from stalling. and last but not least the washing system frequently dumps gravel onto the nugget belt and the brass tunnel doesn't have any filters on it to only let nuggets into the deployers and it doesn't prevent nuggets from entering the disposal system which only works if the trapdoor occupying the block above the ejector is removed.

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