Blacksmith starter base - Vanilla materials only

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By: Howester84
April 24, 2022
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This is a fairly large blacksmith which has 4 floor's, multiple rooms, a chimney that has been designed to house a tinker's smeltery and a huge patio section. I've added in access to all floor's by interwinding staircases, in a fun way. I have tried my best to light up all areas, but I probably missed some spots, so use your F7 to see if there are any dark spots, just in case.

Also, the large circular window on the rear of the building is a prime location for a create windmill. Just saying :)

The intention for this schematic was to provide a starter base that has easy to gather materials, so you can hit the ground running in any 1.16+ modpack.

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2 comments on “Blacksmith starter base - Vanilla materials only”

  1. I wouldn't call this a "starter" house, it uses a LOT of materials. Like one of those is 2k+ bricks stairs which means 8k+ clay balls. That's quite a bit of time spent living in a hovel hole lol.
    Semantics aside, it's a very nice place. I'm a bit overwhelmed figuring out where to put stuff but that's part of the fun. ^_^

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