Bread Factory (Medieval Style Build)

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
Game Version
By: aB17
March 17, 2024
1/5 (2)
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Bread Factory with bone meal farm, totally vanilla + create mod build, [Mid Game]

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5 comments on “Bread Factory (Medieval Style Build)”

  1. did you even test your farm??????? it barley work i had to change like almsot everything

    1st its spins wrong

    2nd the water at the top that washes the flour isnt fast enough so it doesnt turn toi dough and gets stuck

    3rd its kinda flawed witht he design of the bread making bc of ineficcent washing it gets backed up and doesnt even turn to dough

  2. I'm sorry Moneyman69, it works absolutely fine for me. That's weird that it's broken for you. It might be cause I'm on big mod-pack which changes many create mod things as it integrated with it in root level, I thought this wouldn't make a difference but it did Ig, I will redo it with only create mod.

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