Chocolate Factory, 20,000 items/hr (FIXED)

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: Azulite
February 13, 2023
3.33/5 (3)
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Some users pointed out an issue with the schematic I uploaded, that has now been remedied! Thanks for pointing it out.

Design for a 20,000 chocolate per hour factory, which produces regular chocolate and white chocolate in around a 60/40 split, since white chocolate takes longer to produce due to the extra step of making the cocoa butter. Read dependencies to make sure you have all the other mods used in the factory.


Create Deco, Create Confectionary, Create: Things and Misc, Create: Crystal Clear, Create: Connected Block Textures, Quark, Vinery, Farmer's Delight, Joy of Painting(Not necesarry)


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2 comments on “Chocolate Factory, 20,000 items/hr (FIXED)”

  1. I have tried many versions after the one listed. This NBT does not load. May want to check it and see if you saved it right. Ty

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