ChronoHut by Superawesome4141

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: Superawesome4141
June 14, 2023
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A nice little Hut that shows off how many hours you've wasted on video games! Displays current time of day as well as how many days you've been playing in your survival world. To set up this contraption, add a power source on the bottem side of the gearbox located right infront of you after you've entered the hut through the back door. You will also need to fill the top chest with a random item so it can start counting. Also make sure to fill in the bottem chest with an item equal to the amount of days already spend in this world, you can check this using the F3 menu. Works with sleeping and thunderstorms so this contraption should work indefinetly regardless if it has power or not it will keep track untill power is restored.

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ChronoHut by Superawesome4141
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