Compact Silverfish Farm

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: Awsomedude2476
December 20, 2023
3/5 (2)
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This is a small but effective silverfish farm I built in my survival world. You have to place lava in the smelting spot for the cobblestone. And you place the water in the drills in the cobble generator and lava in the slot in the top. The rotation speed controllers in the build allow you to edit the speed at which the different parts move in the farm and they are all set to 256 by default. And don't change the rotation direction unless you like a reversed farm. The farm consumes 17,920 su by default.

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5 comments on “Compact Silverfish Farm”

  1. Just downloaded this. It didn't work but I was able to fix it by (1) waterlogging the stone generator drills, and (2) reversing the direction on the rotation speed controller that sits between the deployer chamber and the haunting fans (not the one sitting on the floor, the one placed one block above).

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Compact Silverfish Farm
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