Create Big Cannons Most Powerful Cannon

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: MortadeloyFile
March 7, 2024
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A recreation of the WW2 german cannon the "Schwerer Gustav" the biggest piece of artillery ever made.

This recreation includes:
-Possible train conversion for railway ballistics
-Included steam engine (Only thing that dosen't work on trains)
-Full auto (Including auto-recharge, aim and firing)
-Compability with all shell types and all fuses (Included AP Explosive)
-And the most powerful cannon ever built in Create Big Cannons with an exit velocity of 400m/s and 30 blocks of cannon barrel is us such extremly long range (1705 blocks range at 23.5º, being the wheels at same y-level as target) high precision (±1b per 500b and a altitude-aim precision of 0,0375º) and high power (All shells possible and fuses usable and compatible).

-Control Room:
-Left button is the start button, only use when the both lamps and the Armed Cannon lamp are on.
-Right button is the Armed Cannon button, if on then the cannon is armed, if off then its unarmed
Left lamp is the Cannon Ready Lamp, if on the cannon is set, aimed and ready to fire.
Right lamp is the Charge Ready Lamp, if on the charger has finished.
Left lever is Auto-Cannon Lever and lamp, if the lamp is off then the cannon after finishing fire will start the charging process again and wint stop until it fires again
-Right button is the Fire Button, if pressed the cannon will fire, not needed unless malfunction as the cannon fires always after aiming.

-There are 8 deployers (Plus one behind some trapdoors in the 2nd floor) from front to back, the foremost should always be loaded with shells, from the 2nd to the 7th should be loaded with powder charges adn the 8th should be loaded with big cartidges at full power, the deployer behind the trapdoors back from the cannon mount is for the fuses, any fuse or shell can be used as the shells will spin t charge the AP explosive shells from behind.
ALWYAS USE THE 6 POWDER CHARGE 1 BIG CARTRIDGE CONFIGURATION, if not the shell will jam at the barrel.

To aim just set the 3 pulse repeaters for the needed time to aim, use "(A*80/3)+O=t" where "A" is the altitud in degrees and "t" is the total amount of ticks and "O" is the offset (Explained below), use the clutch above the steam engine to switch aim from positive (Cluth off) to negative (Cluth on) there are 4 pulse repeaters in two sides:
-The right repeaters are there for ticks, seconds and minutes, the ticks are normal ticks (1/20th of a second) not redstone ticks (1/10th of a second), just make the total amount of ticks equals the formula (A*80/3)+O=t
-The left repeater is the offset, due to the fact that the repeaters can't be set to 0 ticks its needed for charges like "0m 5s 0t", to use the offset just set it as the amount of repeaters left unused, in this example both the "minute" and "tick" repeaters are set to 0 (practically 2 ticks) so the offset must be 4 ticks (2 ticks*amount of repeaters unused)
-The Cluth is located behind doors, it has a lever, turn on or off to swith if the cannon aims up or down.

-Theres a small corridor below the steam engine to set aiming,give fuel to blazes, put the water in its place for the pump and crank to restart engine.
-There are 2 elevators designed for easy access to the top floor where the cannon is

If need calculator I used this video description:

Sorry for bad writting english is not my first languaje.

I hope you enjoy it and have fun with Indirect Fire Artillery.



Mods Needed: -Esentials: -Create (0.5.1 f Tested) -Create Big Cannons (0.5.3 b Tested) -Create Deco (1.3.3 Tested) -Create Alloyed (1.5 a Tested) -Non esentials: -Create Interactive and its dependecies (1.0.0 β 3 Tested and needed for trains) -Create Diesel Generators (1.2 h Tested and needed for power in survival train) -Create Steam n Rails (1.4.8 Build 23 Tested and needed for invisible tracks)
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