Create Factory Building

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: wuschu21
July 8, 2023
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Here May Factory ive build in my single player Survival World, Im playing the Direwolf20Modpack 1.18.2 in the latest Beta version.
The factory is not finisched yet, but ive been asked if i could upload it. i hope that all the node and refined storage interface config etc. work, i dont know if they also get copied in the schematic.
dont expect to much, i had to conceal some things, because i had miscountet somewhere in the wall.

Let me know if it works.


You need, the following addiitional mods: -chipped-forge-1.18.2-2.0.1 -Create+-+Chipped+2+Full+Mechanical+Saw+Compatibility (just google it, its a archive file) -createdeco-1.3.1-1.18.2 -CTM-1.18.2-1.1.5+5
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Create Factory Building
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