Create Full Steam Ahead Update - Copper Train

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By: Morseius
July 13, 2022
3.88/5 (8)
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⚠️ Warning Please ignore both the Create Mod Version and the Game version seen uptop as This Schematic is from Create .5 - Create Full Steam Ahead update that came out a day or so ago! This Train can only be placed in 1.18.2 - Create .5!

This Copper Train is a Replica made from memory of Youtuber Shulz's Train in one of his newest Videos.
Credit Goes to Him and his friend Cactus as they are the ones who made it and such. [This train is fully Customizable using the newest update to the create mod. for a full guide on this newest update and its trailer see the links below.

Create Mod - Full Steam Ahead Update Trailer
Guide on Create .5

Please Sub to shulz he is very funny a is fun to watch.
Cactus's Youtube Channel:

Below is Shulz's Discord where you can hang out and talk to both Shulz and Cactus who are very funny and cool people.


This Train Also Requires you to have the Newest update to both the Create Mod but also the Create Deco Mod.


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