Customizable Multi Floor Elevator

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By: Linkbrad
March 14, 2022
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This was a complicated build and not for the faint of heart if you plan to build this in survival. This Elevator allows you to Customize your size of levels and even how many you have, it handles very well and has been tested for bugs many times, however this is not, and I repeat not for everybody. Tips to adding levels there are 10 modules total 11 counting the elevator box itself. 9 of these modules you will notice have planks and even though some seem to be copied and pasted they do have (they pretty much were); they have very distinct differences in settings, that required another module for proper function. For another level you must 1 specify the level location on the gantry line with a unique redstone link. 2 you must create a new comparator line (there are a few different types (2 for endings another 2 for midsections). Next you will need to add to both the up (has sticky pistons in the link settings) and down (has oak buttons in redstone link settings) control modules, in order to tell the elevator to continue moving, after that you will need to add to the breaking control units (this has observers) add an identical line to each unit then add your unique signal in place of the planks. Once that's complete you added 1 new level (p.s) for each link you add only change the plank to your unique item as to keep items grouped (stone is marked to prevent empty links from creating problems) one more thing for adding a new level you will need to add your unique item to each previous levels locks and checks (where you see groups of planks together(there is a reason for it))

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