Fastest Iron Farm in Create Live 5!

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: H3lld0n
June 1, 2024
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Hi, this schematic is an automatic and fastest, and safest Iron Farm! up to 6000+ Iron Ingots per hour!
Just build it up, and have fast and easy tons of Iron in Create Live 5 ;)
Made in Minecraft 1.20.1 on Forge.

You can use it for your world. It would be very kind, if you give credits, to where and from whom you've got this build ;)

Every question should be answered in my Tutorial below ;)
Otherwise just ask for it, in the comments of my Tutorial ;)
Leave a like :)


You will need the Create Live 5 Modpack, made by Blizzor, RGBPixl , TheJoCraft and more! Link to the Modpack:
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One comment on “Fastest Iron Farm in Create Live 5!”

  1. Hello, I just used your farm in my own world and I have a question. Bear with me, I don't speak german at all so I'm just using the images to understand your farm. At around 0:49 in your video, you show two sources of water and a source of lava in the middle. These 3 sources are separated by 2 blocks. When using your schema, these 2 blocks were not placed on my farm, I have two empty spaces there instead. What blocks are they so that I can add them manually ?

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