Gold/Iron/Quartz Compact farm

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
Game Version
By: Xephorus
August 16, 2023
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A compact farm i've made for iron quartz and gold, uses drawers mod.
individual parts can be stacked also
Leaves need waterlogging


Storage Drawers
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3 comments on “Gold/Iron/Quartz Compact farm”

  1. I created an account just to reply to this. How in the world do you set this up? Looking at the way this is designed does not help with figuring it out. I can tell that terracotta has some use in it, but not where as it can't be crushed twice (you have double crushing wheels in some spots which would turn terracotta into red sand but then the red sand would get destroyed by the second set of wheels). Also, I see a compacting drawer with a bras funnel filtered for clay blocks. Putting clay into the drawer only causes one arm to move the clay block onto a depot which then causes another arm to put the clay block into the other storage drawer but the chute under it is looking for terracotta, not clay block, so at this point nothing else happens.

    How about, when putting up a schematic, you explain exactly how to set it up or provide a video showing how it works? Would be very much appreciated.

  2. Ok, so, I finally figured it out. For everyone else wanting to use this, here are the instructions the poster left out.

    1) You are feeding the belt going towards the Bras Tunnel with Cobblestone
    2) Lock the 1x1 drawer with Terracotta
    3) Lock the Compacting Drawer with clay
    4) The fans are blowing in the wrong direction, replace a shaft under each column with a Gearbox
    5) Not sure if this is just me, but the fans did not work for me from a schematic, regardless of using Print in Creative or using the Schematic Cannon. I was forced to remove the Fans, water, lava. leaf blocks, and depots and replace them all before they would actually work like they were suppose to.

    Having done all of the above, this schematic now works like expected.

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