Horzontal 5x5 drill

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: jwols123
May 13, 2023
3/5 (1)
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Tired of all the other drills that just for some reason break the floor and bug out? or it's hard to stop? or you have to do things quickly or else it won't work? well this one might be massive but negates al those problems! (I mainly made this because I had these same problems.) Also, if you want you can replace the glass with anything else, and if you have the "Create: Crystal Clear" mod you can replace it with Clear Glass Casing. [NOTE: deployers are pre-set to cobbled deepslate, so sorry if you want something else.]

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6 comments on “Horzontal 5x5 drill”

  1. Yanno weirdly.. This thing keeps breaking for me. Deepslate will build up inside the thing itself and just break. So every so often I have to undo the machine, and remake it.

  2. I am giving this at best a 3/5 stars.
    1. It is hard to keep it moving as it is only using rails and doesn't use powered rails w/ redstone torches.
    2. The storage system is rather small with at most a combined 3 double chests of storage which is a fair amount but it is also a 5x5 mining machine so that fills up pretty quickly which stops the machine.
    3. Beside the fact of #1 it wouldn't be a massive issue that it is using rails if it was able to be pushed manually by the player, as far as I can tell it can't and if you remove the glass trapdoors to do it, it disconnects it and is not a minecart contraption anymore.
    Even with all those cons it still does work for a fair couple blocks...................(before needing to be reset and get it moving again)

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Horzontal 5x5 drill
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