Iron Farm ~4 blocks/~10 minutes takes 15,616 SU

Mod Version
0.5.1 (a-f)
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By: infinityblade21
July 5, 2024
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An iron farm i decided to whip up as it says in the title it makes about 4 blocks in around 10 minutes

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6 comments on “Iron Farm ~4 blocks/~10 minutes takes 15,616 SU”

  1. sorry, so the water should be put on the pumps you can do a corner middle and next corner so in a diagonal line for the pumps and itll "fill" the pumps, and for the lava you only need 1 bucket in the tank on top as it wont use up the lava

    1. hey sorry just found out how to actually reply lol what kind of problem are you having, did you put water in the pumps and a bucket of lava in the tank?

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