Iron Farm with Decorations (Fixed)! - All credit goes to Batsy

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: Democles
August 27, 2023
3/5 (2)
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This is the exact iron farm built by "Batsy von Fangies", and you can find it here on YouTube:

I just fixed the small errors it had due to either conversion or schematic save process, IDK. All credit goes to Batsy yet again.

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One comment on “Iron Farm with Decorations (Fixed)! - All credit goes to Batsy”

  1. schematic was with blocks that were impossible to obtain, like jungle and mangroove iron farm are early things and those blocks were late game. And the blocks that you need to replace were to much for me the replacing the struggle now im 29 blocks of iron down instead of going up. even though i have now 219 days in my world still those blocks the schematic changes are just not my type. im the one that give 1 star. the only thing that i like is that it was small in compersen to the rest op youtube. im going to make my own iron farm thanks for crushing dreams...

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