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By: dhytii
February 28, 2024
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This is my first time uploading a Farm so if you have questions or feedback, i will be more than happy to Hear it ^^.

I've take a basic cobble generator on a gauntry shaft and made an iron Farm bellow to fit it into my world and was kind suprise by the efficiency event its quite small so im sharing it with you with the details of how make it work.

First, this Farm Need 4.200 SU to Run at full Speed and produce around 5 000 Iron Ingot per hour. the Farm in itself is 13Long/12Large/10Tall, wich is pretty small to be honest.the farm got two security to prevent overflow, one on the cobble generator and one on the ironfarm with redstone links who will stop it when the vaults are full. The input power is on the clutch of the Iron Farm at ground level, the rotation need to be clockwise but you can change it with a GearBox before the clutch if needed. the only thing i thing that can be improve is to separate the Fan with another speed controller to reduce the stress unit needed but the farm doesnt need a lot of stress to begin with so... hope you Enjoy and ask away if you need any informations :)

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13 comments on “IronFarm”

  1. i first didnt understand the farm but after watching a video about it i understand that the fluid tank needs to be fild whit lava and the fuild pumps need to be water logt

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