Motor de queroseno [ kerosene motor]

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: doctor sexo
January 16, 2024
4/5 (1)
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It's a kerosene engine decorated by me. It reminds me of the diesel engine from Immersive Engineering. (IMPORTANT)

Es un motor de queroseno decorado por mi. Me recuerda bastante al generador de diesel de Immersive Engineering.

-Doctor Sexo.


[ENG] You need the mod of the factory must grow obviously. And you also need the dreams & desires mod for the propellers. If you don't want to install it, you can replace the propellers with a flywheel or simply don't put anything at all. [ESP] Necesitas el mod de The Factory Must Grow obviamente. Y tambien el mod de Dreams & Desires para las helices. Si no quieres instalarlo, puedes remplazar las helices con alguna flywheel o simplemente no poner nada. TFMG: D&D:
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3 comments on “Motor de queroseno [ kerosene motor]”

  1. I forgot somthig. To use the engine, you must right click on the left side of the engine, were is near to the pipe.

    Se me olvido decir lo importante. Para hacer que el motor funcione, tienes que dar click derecho en el lado izquierdo del motor cerca de donde sale la tuberia.

  2. Next, you must put a crank back to the engine to move the kerosene to the engine, then touch the lever.
    Despues tienes que poner una manivela detras y mover el keroseno al motor, luego toca la palanca.

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