Mxstake's Gold Farm

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: Mxstake
December 21, 2023
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This is an original gold farm build. It produces approximately 8 nuggets per 4 stacks of cobblestone, which is the standard and most efficient rate in base create-mod. However, this build comes equipped with a flat-front design, which makes it perfect for any type of build, and means it can easily be stored. It also ensures that you can house it in any design of your choice, or rig it up to an automatic storage. It is also incredibly compact with a 5x16x10 footprint, allowing for easy placement in a base/factory. With any high speed inputs allowed, it is a great, compact and efficient gold farm.

Directions for use:
There are signs across the build designating where you should place lava and water. There is also a sign to designate the input point, and just above this is the input point for the cobblestone. Once you attach your own cobblestone generator to cobblestone input point, you will be good to go!

Disclaimer: This is my first of hopefully many create mod builds on the schematic site, and I would love any feedback you have to offer. If anything is not working for you please comment and I will be able to help you fix it! I do not currently have a video to show off the farm, however if you want/need one let me know. I can also create a schematic of this build that includes a cobblestone generator if it is necessary! Thank you!

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5 comments on “Mxstake's Gold Farm”

  1. Farm doesn't work. Items get stuck at the first encased fan, had to add a gearbox, and signs were blank, other than that it works well after those issues were resolved.

  2. Hi ShrinkingShip, in order to make the farm work, you need to add an additional gear box to the fan which is currently pulling the item downwards in the chute. This should make it now push upwards, and ensure that the farm works! Sorry for the mishap!

  3. Hey ADHeyDonuts, sorry about that mistake. I am happy to see you realised how to fix it! The blank signs seem to be a glitch with the create mod's schematic and quill, and it prevents the sign's text from being displayed. Two of the signs should be lava, and one should be water! Thank you for the feedback!

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Mxstake's Gold Farm
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