Mystical Agriculture Auto Farm (Fertilized Farmland)

Mod Version
0.5.1 (a-f)
Game Version
By: Madzikeen
June 2, 2024
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Mystical Agriculture Automatic Farm, using Fertilized Farmland and Lily pads of Fertility. This farm uses Enderchest to wirelessly transfer items to your choice of storage. Originally built in ATM9.


Mystical Agriculture, EnderChests, Pylons, Modular Routers, Reliquary, Farming for Blockheads
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One comment on “Mystical Agriculture Auto Farm (Fertilized Farmland)”

  1. Harvester needs to be water logged first, open Harvester GUI set to 9x9 and add a hoe to Pylon inventory. (will use durability highly recommend allthemodium hoe)
    Then you can waterlog the stair blocks all the way around, and last add a watering can that is filled to the Router, (Supremium is best). Add speed upgrades to the router if wanted.

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