Neat quartz/gold nugget farm

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: obnoxiousonyx
February 10, 2024
3.67/5 (3)
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***Made with Spelunkery installed and not tested without it. If it gives you normal gold nuggets, a compressor is already installed***

This farm, when attached to a cobble generator, will automatically turn it into quartz and gold nuggets.

This can be configured to compress the nuggets into raw ore, hence the inclusion of a press, but I opted to instead have it semi-auto-smelt the raw nuggets. I do not know how this farm will behave without Spelunkery.

The signs should instruct on how to set up. Testing was done with a creative motor running at 256 rpm.


Spelunkery (optional?)
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2 comments on “Neat quartz/gold nugget farm”

  1. I like the Build but you have a Few Issues:

    1: Its Counter clockwise to work, not clockwise
    2. After the Second crushing wheel, You need to filter out Flint/Clay or it clogs the Depot
    3. You should make a note to Fire the Soul Sand and put water for the Fan.

    Otherwise I like it, It is compact and does the job.

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Neat quartz/gold nugget farm
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