Nuclear Reactor with 3 steam boilers (max size) (1.20.1)

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: Kikai Enjinia
December 10, 2023
1/5 (1)
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Schematic for making a nuclear powerplant. Design could be expensive, but gives a substantial amount of stress units.
Can generate up to 884736 stress units.
Begins with 12 steam engines per boiler, can be expanded to 18 per boiler.

This schematic uses the nuclear powerplant features from Create: New Age as well as its heat transfer features.

Design is not optimal, but it's a relatively safe type. On the heat transfer components, don't let things go far above 10000 centigrade or your heat transfer pipes will turn into lava!
Adding new nuclear rods needs to have on the input side (top) reactor fuel inserters. And on the output side (bottom) reactor heat vents. Always make sure that there's no meltdown, especially not for the rods.


Required: Create: New Age
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One comment on “Nuclear Reactor with 3 steam boilers (max size) (1.20.1)”

  1. The heat output is 3x the heat usage, making it overheat and meltdown.
    You need 9 steam engines to balance.
    (2 nuclear reactor blocks can power 3 boiler heater)

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