Omega's Farm

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By: Zenixx_OBB
June 2, 2022
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Really big efficient farm (Probably Will Lag Depending On Your PC) You Have to build your own storage system because i forgot to include it in the schematic sorry

Needs :

Minecraft Launcher : (Windows) (macOS) (Linux) (Arch Linux) (Debian) (Windows 10)

Forge :

Go to Latest And Download The Installer, Then Run It.
After Go On Minceraft Launcher Then Click The Dropdown Menu And Then Click Forge
Lastly Run It

Create Mod :

Wait For Download To Start Then Press The Windows Key And R Then Type %Appdata% Click on .minecraft And Find The Mod Folder And Put The Create.jar File In There

Social Media :

Youtube :
(Im Trying To Post Im Just Having Problems)

Steam :

Roblox :

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