Omnidril (Air)

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-c)
Game Version
By: Mysda
July 31, 2022
5/5 (2)


This drill has all 6 axis, it runs at max speed, it is waterproof, lava proof, super compact and not too laggy.
It fits in a 9x9x6 footprint, making it for now, the smallest of it's kind.

To use it, spawn it without rotating the schematic! Start the 5 windmills and it's ready.
The controls are :
- Jump : start/stop engine
- Crouch : move forward once
- Left/Right : rotate
- Up/Down : go up and down once

Be careful to stop the engine before you make it go up and down. Rotation should be safe.
Do not spawn more than one, or delete the old one, because the redstone links will interfere.

This was made in 1.18.2 with Create v0.5c

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2 comments on “Omnidril (Air)”

  1. I really like this and have built it in my Survival world I did find it is not lava proof especially from the top. Looks like the Gantry Carriage and wool on top is affected. When I went thru a lava field that was on top it filled the whole thing with lava. Otherwise great design and I love it. Trying to improve it slightly with lava proofing on top but otherwise best I have seen so far. And is actually relatively cheap in survival.

  2. i really like the drill and its been working really well up until 30 min ago, whenever i try turning on the windmills it just turns the entire contraption and glitches it. ive tried resetting mincraft, the game but nothing works. is there any way i can fix this?

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