Rolling stock for the Minecraft metro. Metrovagon Type: A1

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-f)
Game Version
By: JacobPankratov
November 29, 2022
4/5 (1)
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This rolling stock used to be operated for the Minecraft metro. And it should be operated on a branch of the metro line of the station: Vladimirskaya to Selo:Druzhino

Made on a private minecarft server. Companies: AO.METROKRAFTMASH
And for the Russian market.
Size: From the movable axis to the roof 4m height, width 3m (But taking into account 5m)
Material: Everything is made of hatches and the floor is smooth stone, the roof is also made of stone and steps.
There are 4 wagons in total. 2 - motor 2 intermediate.
Categories - Passenger
(Free to use for all types)

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