Self-Suficient T9 Steam Engine

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
Game Version
By: Batsy Von Fangies
March 10, 2023
5/5 (1)
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As the title says, its a t9 steam engine consisting of 4 tanks. It produces roughly 593k stress units, and also produces its own lava.

To use simply place down the schematic where ever you need it, put water in the trapdoors at the side of the tanks, put water over the soulsand for the water wheels, and put lava over the cauldrons, that should be all.

As for dependencies, I used Chipped, Create Deco, and Decorative Blocks. Nothing that is really "needed", its only decoration, so use them if you want.

Hope you enjoy it!


Chipped Create Deco Decorative Blocks


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