simple item sorter by xenowyaa

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-f)
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By: xenowyaa
November 16, 2022
4.75/5 (4)
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in the front you place the items in the chest and the filterable are located on the right side of the build, it will sort them out into their own chests, and the amount of each item will be displayed on the left side of the build, and to get your desired item out of the system make your way to the right side and click the button that goes with your desired item ,and the back chest is for items that aren't filterable, last but not least the point is, this a simple sorting system I designed for not only sorting items but once you understand how it works you can make this as long as you want and filter as many items as you need. <3

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simple item sorter by xenowyaa
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