SLW Coaling Tower

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0.5.0 (a-c)
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By: HB Stratos
July 26, 2022
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This is my coaling tower. It is a rough replica of a combination of coaling towers used around the late steam era by the Pennsylvania Railroad.
It comes with two funnels with portable storage interfaces hidden within them. It is compatible with all my steam locomotives and the Santa Fe to fuel them up for high speed operation. Drive under the funnel, Lamps will come on so long as fuel is flowing into the locomotive. Coal is loaded into the tower via hopper carts, find my design for them in my downloads. There is a display inside the towers (and a ladder to get into there) to show how much coal is stored.
I did quite a lot of texture and gradient work on this one to make it as realistic as I could. Integration into existing terrain is left as an exercise to the reader.

Welcome to HB Stratos Train Works! There's a system to the large amounts of Schematics I will be uploading. This is the standard disclaimer on all my uploads.
Prefixes of the Files I will be uploading:
-SEW: Stratos Engine Works, find all my locomotives, or fully assembled Trains.
-SWW: Stratos Wagon Works, find all my Wagons and Rolling Stock
-SBW: Stratos Building Works, find all my Buildings and other Accessories for my Trains.
Other facts:
-All my Locomotives are able to be refueled with Coal for Express Service under my Coaling Tower. The Interface is often hidden underneath an Iron Trapdoor.
-All Freight Cars have Portable Storage Interfaces on the Bottom and wherever else I saw fit
-Find all my Train related Uploads to under the SLW (Stratos Locomotive Works) Tag in the Title.
-All my train cars come with controls so they can be assembled and moved as single trains without a locomotive attached.

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