Smelt'n'Grill Item processor

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: Cebraxo
February 6, 2024
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The RAD (Radiant Alloys) Smelt'n'Grill is 2 Machines bulked into 1 package, allowing you to Melt/ Process ores & Blocks on one side whilst allowing you to cook up your food in bulk on the other side!

After scrolling through youtube for a while, ive stumbled upon a video by the name of "Create Mod - Another Fancy Super Smelter"
Which also ended up to inspire my approach on bulding this machine. After a bit of tinkering ive settled on a design for the mechanical part of the machine.
At first it was supposed to look simmilar, yet in the end ive set my approach more on function than looks as its probably clear by looking at the way this "Supersmelter" has been constructed.

Yet despite its lack of looks, it's uniquely accessible via a Gantry lift and a little slope trapdoor within the mechanical bits of the construction.

Its not the most cheapest supersmelter, yet has a very gimmicky feel to it as it processes your items.

For any questions how to use the smelter / cooker (theoretically also washer since you could replace the lava or fireplaces with water) i'm happy to help or also contactable on discord. @cebraxo
A video will also be available shortly.


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2 comments on “Smelt'n'Grill Item processor”

  1. Yes ofcourse.

    Apologies for the stupidly late response but here i am!
    The green signs seen on the immage, are for the "initial setup button". These buttons are used on both sides to get the mechanical contraption into its initial state for it to work, turning the cauldron arm into a contraption.

    The side thats fitted with the Campfires is used for things which can only be "cooked"
    (The input chests are the chests which have a funnel attached to their side)
    The other side that has nothing upon paste, is used for things such as ores, stones and everything else which can be "smelted"
    This side can also be utilized with water to make a bulk washing processor.

    Once you've filled up the chests with whatever you wanna process, you hit the button next to the input chest over the redstone link and let it do its thing.

    (ATTENTION! THERE IS A MINOR FLAW THAT HAS A MAJOR IMPACT IN THIS BUILD! In the lower floor of this contraption, at which the elevator is located, there is a redstone link THAT WILL KNOCK OUT ANY ITEMS WITHINSIDE THE CAULDRON!! Move that redstone link or remove it whole if you dont intent using the hidden gantry elevator.)

    (When there are no item comming out or going in, CHANGE DIRECTION OF ROTATIONAL INPUT!! On this build there are some chain drives which are exposed which are used to hook up the whole thing to rotational power, specifically on the side which hosts the Input chests, right below the second floor on the outside wall.)

    For further help, feel free to DM me on discord! @cebraxo

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