Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
Game Version
By: Sliprunner
January 24, 2024
5/5 (1)
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8 Wide x 13 Long x 9 Tall Triple Steam Engine, Framed in Smooth Stone. Steam engines read as level 9, I built them using Create Liquid Fuel and supplying lava. Generates 147k SU total, with 144k Usable after pumps run. Engine does not include a manual starter, Pumps require 2,560SU to jumpstart.
Includes 6 Alternators from Create Crafts & Additions, these Alternators when enabled via clutch consume 98,304 SU and generates 2,160 FE/t. This leaves the Generator with 46.5k SU power to spare.
Have had occasional issues when placed via schematic cannon requiring rebuilding of tanks and shafts for steam pistons.

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2 comments on “Steamdynamo”

  1. Good machine though works well and very cheap. Had to give the blazes create mod straws for them to suck from the lava pipe and I just ignored the frame blocks and alternators and set to skip those blocks in the schematicannon and it worked like a charm after hooking up lava and setting some infinite water near those intakes.

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