Super Compact Xp Farm v2

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
Game Version
By: Our Creation
January 5, 2024
5/5 (1)
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As far as statistics go, this machine creates 8100 XP per minute, which results in 486,000 XP per hour. This machine requires 30,000 stress units to run at maximum speed. Many of you may be wondering how this machine works, and the answer to that is quite simple, so I'll briefly explain. We all know that Infested stone spawns a silverfish when broken. The create mod has a recipe to make this infested stone by haunting regular stone, so you can see where this is going. Using a cobblestone generator, the machine creates cobblestone, which these hoppers collect and insert into the vault. Next, the cobblestone is smelted into stone, which is then haunted into infested stone. The infested stone is inserted into this depo, which is picked up by the mechanical arms and given to the deployers. The deployers place the infested stone, which is then broken by a minecart contraption, which continuously picking itself up and placing itself back down. You know, after saying that out loud, it was actually not as simple as I thought. Anyway, now that you understand how this machine operates, let's start building it.

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