Tileable Stirling Engine - Infinite Power

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By: DeputyDevil
June 6, 2022
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More Images: https://imgur.com/a/HUcGDsY

Schematic for a Stirling Engine. You can connect multiple of these by connecting them in parallel via the gearboxes on either side of the end of the machine next to the flywheel. Each engine produces 30,848su. The Smooth Quartz blocks can be replaced with any solid block. The Polished andesite in the corners can be removed.

Once the Schematicannon finishes, in this specific order:
Fill the Kelp chamber where water sources are only in between the observers, as seen in the pictures. Light the Netherrack, make sure the Redstone Links are unique to other ones you have on your server, place one ore of any kind in the top of the Blast Furnace and one Dried Kelp Block in the bottom of the furnace, and then right click the Barrel on the Piston. Voila, infinite power.


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2 comments on “Tileable Stirling Engine - Infinite Power”

  1. I would also highly recommend letting the kelp grow for a bit before starting, as to make sure it can 1: all grow right, and 2: steady fuel for the start of the engine.

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