Tileable, Unlimited Range Chunk Quarry

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: W3sTheGuy
April 24, 2024
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Also works in the nether!

The schematic has the quarry and the synchronizer (i call it) in it. I suggest you make 2 schematics from this. You only need 1 synchronizer. You can make multiple variants of the quarry by changing the redstone links (just replace the items in the links, you need 1 item/quarry, there is 6 total on the quarry).

After that you can just put the quarrys next to eachother, and if your computer can handle more than 6 you can expand the syncronizer by putting more links on it. If you aling the drills with a chunks it will perfectly mine out all the other chunks.

If you rotate it West or South, change the rotation on the up most rotation speed controllers.

Unloaders/storage not inculded.

Altough the quarrys theoretically can go on forever, they stop after moving out the simulated render distance, to run the quarry i suggest you make a seat and a little box on the last quarry.

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One comment on “Tileable, Unlimited Range Chunk Quarry”

  1. quick question: im trying to make this function, but the flying machine will for some reason leave the drills behind when it moves. any way to solve this? the machine is facing north and was not rotated in any way. thanks

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