[Train] DB BR 423 S Bahn (from Germany)

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
Game Version
By: KerMigmaYT
May 3, 2023
4/5 (1)
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"I present to you the DB BR 423 S-Bahn! I am currently building German trains from the "Deutsche Bahn" in Minecraft as accurately as possible. I also upload versions combined with other mods to provide more detail, but this one is exclusive to "Create 5.0". A video for a small mini tour will follow, as well as instructions on how to download it if you are not familiar.
The whole train is perfectly glued together, and the other schematics are available for individual wagons if you're interested. An S-Bahn is a train that is highly interconnected in Germany and stops at every city once. It's perfect for passenger transport. Sometimes they also run underground, like in Frankfurt."

More Schematics in the Video description if this is available
Pls let a review. This is not my last build :)

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