A Big Cannons Autoloading Quad Gun Mount

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: Erak_Acheron
February 22, 2023
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It's what the title suggests, a quad gun big cannons setup, with a hoist based autoloader system.
The hope is that when Aeronautics is available later in 2023, I can make it a PROPER turret and control it's horizontal movement that way, hence the lack of yaw controllers. (There is ample space to add them if desired, and the logic used to control vertical movement will work just fine for horizontal if you change the frequencies and attach it to some Yaw controllers)

It's also currently set on an even base, I'll need to collapse it in by a block to make it work on a vessel (shouldn't be hard tho). It's set on an even now because I wanted to make a gun emplacement HEAVILY inspired by the French 380mm/45 Mle 1935 gun turrets mounted upon the Richelieu Class Battleships, and those turrets have a dividing wall in the center (to prevent a lucky return shot disabling an entire turret's guns), which causes the turret to have a distinct gap between the two sets of guns. On an odd base, you either sacrifice the extra distance entirely with a gap of just one block between the sets, or over-exaggerate it with a three block gap, which is a shame.
(The guns are also a bit out of scale, being 21m in length to the approx 17m historical length of the guns)

It's also currently powered by creative motors, because I'm unsure how wiring for the turret will go when Aero is available (mainly pondering if can it can be run off my ship's engine, or if it will require it's own...)


Supplementaries candle holders are used as some link frequencies (I guess it would work without em tho?) And Naturally, this requires Create: Big Cannons
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