Semi-Compact Self Sustaining Level 9 Steam Engine (read description)

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: Erak_Acheron
January 19, 2023
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It's a self sustaining Level 9 steam engine design.

Output: 145,472 su

It should (once started) power an (attached) 3 x 5 dripstone based lava farm and an array of 3 mechanical pumps to supply water.

I've tried using the schematic in a schematicannon, and it messes up some of the stuff. It will not correctly place the steam engines, as it will miss their shafts, it will not place girders with embedded shafts of which there are two under the blaze burners, it will not place any liquids (so you'll need to supply those separately), and it will not place the pumps in their correct orientations, this will all need to be corrected before it will work. (also you'll need to turn the faucets on to supply the water)

ESPECIALLY take notice of the pumps, as even if you correct them, once they get powered they can flip back the other way, causing the engine not to work. (There are 4 water pumps and two lava pumps)

Once everything is corrected, to start the engine simply crank the manual start pump (shown in attached image 2) to supply some water, which will get the engine to passive mode which will then begin to power the primary heat and water mechanisms. Provided everything is correct it should then VERY quickly power up to level 9, and sustain that level.


Supplementaries - Faucets are used in the water supply system
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