Adjustable Andesite Alloy Farm

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
Game Version
By: Triobian
April 4, 2023
4.46/5 (13)
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My go at an andesite alloy generator. Next post is going to be the lava generator if you do not have one to use instead.
Production is about 1200 / hour, 1300+ max when fully supplied. Can be massively increased by feeding it more speed / power.
Instructions are in the video, so give the full vid a watch if something isn't working.
Remember schematics / cannons don't work perfectly, so you might need to break and replace some stuff like vaults / chained drives.

I respond to all comments on my videos, so if you have problems let me know. If you like my stuff consider subscribing!


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2 comments on “Adjustable Andesite Alloy Farm”

  1. it's a super powerful machine. unfortunately, it doesn't work on version 1.20.X because the tracks for the pistons that generate cobblestone are destroyed by water. I solved it in my own way. if you are interested in functionality on 1.20.X, please write

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