Auto-Sorting Storage System [Expandable/Customizable]

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
Game Version
By: Batsy Von Fangies
February 14, 2023
5/5 (1)
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Minecraft Create: Automatic Storage System!

How to use:
After using the blueprint on your schematicannon, go to the unloader, and connect your rotational power to the most external speed controller, the only one connected to the main clutch.
Make sure that the belts are moving the right direction.
Also know that schematicannon wont place fluids, so in the create machines, you gonna need to place lava in the hole for the smelter, and water in the hole for the washer.
I encourage you all to set up the filters to your liking, and tweak the chests to your needs.

That's is all, enjoy the storage system! ♥


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Auto-Sorting Storage System [Expandable/Customizable]
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