Elegant Steam Engine

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-c)
Game Version
By: Daffysamlake
September 25, 2022
4.69/5 (13)


An elegant steam engine design I created for my survival factory. The engine is powered by lava buckets, with an input(upper belt) and output(lower belt) for the lava buckets at the bottom of the machine. Produces 141,312su at full power with a speed of 64rpm. It's designed for elegance over efficiency, so it's not the most powerful design, but it's a beauty.

- Required Mods: Architect's Palette, Create Mod, Create Deco, Create: Things & Misc, Supplementaries, and Extended Flywheels.
- After building it with the schematic cannon, some parts will be missing and the tanks will be broken. For some reason, girders with shafts do not get placed, so you will have to place those manually. The tanks will be bugged out, but that can be solved by breaking and re-placing some blocks. Also be sure to place water at the top faucet, used to jumpstart.


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