(fixed, again lol) Fully Automatic Steak Farm

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
Game Version
By: boogiehasfun
June 9, 2023
3/5 (2)
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fix 2: alright, sorry, i have to upload it again. this time it fixes that fact that there was shafts 2 blocks underground that i didn't get. i am greatly sorry lol

fix 1: made the conveyor belts actually apart of the schematic
i recommend you use create v0.5.1b because this build was made with that.

a steak farm that is fully automated, wheat and everything. uses https://createmod.com/schematics/silo-compact-wheat-farm-v2-9x9x12 by Moparus

you must heat up the blaze burners before starting (they are under the water tank by the steam engine aka where all the power is from)

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