Micro Omni Cobble Factory/Farm (Reupload - fixed image)

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-f)
Game Version
By: SIlberfrost
November 26, 2022
4/5 (1)
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A rather Compact 8x8x11 Automatic Farm / Factory that creates most blocks from only Cobblestone.
Tell it the correct inputs and it does the job while you do whatever you do.

All Lined-up blocks in the Image are the possible outputs with their corresponding Color-code
Any blocks inside of the Andesite casing are the Byproducts (Black wool = Flint).

Anything that requires Diorite (light-gray input) (including Diorite) has a chance to overflow. To avoid Overflow, check the Cobble storage of the Diorite-crafter and turn off the gray Option when needed.

When Placing, remember to:
A) place an iceblock below the Rail (lower level) as that is outside the schematic. (yes it's not a true 8x8x11), i sadly found no roundabout way.
B) the output block's spruce-slab might not be waterlogged when placing. place water in there to correct waterflow.
C) if the build is not recessed, water might leak by the Mechanical Mixer, simply place two blocks to correct the waterflow.

all should be turned on by default except Light-blue and Orange

Gray = L: Cobble R: -
Red = L: Gravel R: Cobble
Orange = L: Gravel R: -
Yellow = L: Sand R: Soul-Sand
Lime = L: Sand R: -
Green = L: Soul-Sand R: Blackstone
Light-Blue = L: Stone R: Glass
Blue = L: Terracotta R: Smooth Stone
Purple = L: Bricks R: Stone-Bricks
Magenta = L: Iron-Block R: Gold-Block
White = L: Nether-Quartz R: -
Light-Gray = L: Diorite R: -

32 rpm (minimum)
Clockwise input rotation
Minimum 10k su

Power - Input is found on the Backside of the machine above the secondary Cobble-generators (Nether quarz-production/White-input)

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