Micro Omni Cobble Factory/Farm V2 "Return of the Compression"

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-f)
Game Version
By: SIlberfrost
December 2, 2022
3/5 (1)
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Further Improved and compressed.
Now Shrunken down to 7x7x10 blocks (that's 214 blocks or about 30% less then Version 1)
Also only requires 8k su.
Now also comes with internal overflow protection.
Still recommended to let machine run for 1-5 minutes on empty just to clear system.

Instructions are all placed on the machines using Signs
(since Written books, books in frames, Lecterns and basins don't keep any information.)

Machine CANNOT be Mirrored. (this is simply because Rotation Speed Controllers' large cogwheels always spin the same direction, regardless of input direction)
Rotating WILL cause all Encased Chain drives to bug out. To fix the Chain Drives, replace by hand.
All Glass-Blocks can be replaced with any block of choice, they are only there to keep waterflow intact.

When Creating Andesite/Granite. the output will be roundabout 3 Granite per 2 Andesite.
This is Mainly because the Diorite Crafter has overflow protection that turns off the cobble generator during operation.

On that note: The Diorite Crafter has a Stockpile Observer that sends the signal into a block, this block is being pushed by a piston which again is triggered by a redstone link. that link may ONLY be triggered by the Diorite Crafter input (light gray input) and has to be turned off by default.

I have tested and replaced this machine now with both the creative Schematic and the Schematicannon multiple times and i think i've addressed all of the errors.

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