Variable 2 concept

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0.5.0 (a-g)
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By: Ellesedil
April 3, 2024
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Ok, site wasn't letting me add more pictures. This is another messy test of the concept (#2 the first used buttons to hit manually)in which I used a small startup engine setup I usually build into a basement wall with 4 boilers that can be upgrades to lava/blaze status easily. this one used only 2 with only needing a small cog to turn on the mech arm. The small cobble gen is using the threshold switch/redstone link combo engage/disengage the clutches to turn on/off the lvl 9 steam engine. I forget the exact range of the redstone links but the lvl 9 can be closer but still fed startup power from the "primer" engine thru the shafts. Hope the ideas spark more of your creativity.

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One comment on “Variable 2 concept”

  1. If you have the "Create: Connected" addon by Lysine ( I don't yet ) maybe you can add the centrifugal clutch into the mix. Set it to 64rpm's since a engine won't be at that unaltered speed until it heats up enough to hopefully be gen. enough SU's for your usage. It occurred to me "cold start" ( no lava in blazes yet ) could potentially overstress the system. Maybe Lysine can add one that works off of SU instead of RPM's? Great job on your 2 addon mods Lysine - I'm just being greedy.