World's Most OPTIMIZED Cobblestone Generator

Mod Version
0.5.0 (a-g)
Game Version
By: Our Creation
May 11, 2024
5/5 (1)
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Introducing my new cobblestone generator, capable of creating thousands of cobblestone per minute. This incredibly compact machine stands as one of the World's Most OPTIMIZED Cobblestone Generators ever created within the Create Mod. This generator produces around 1350 cobblestone per minute and uses no lava after the machine is setup. The amount of cobblestone this machine outputs is almost equal to the amount of cobblestone a crushing wheel can consume at max rpms (which is around 1280 cobblestone per min) making it an excellent choice to use for any farm that involves crushing wheels.

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One comment on “World's Most OPTIMIZED Cobblestone Generator”

  1. nuh uh, I don't trust these types of cobble generators anymore, potential of spilling cobble everywhere is bad for servers, all I can recommend is moving contraptions with storages, like gantry, minecart, bearing, etc.

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