Bone Meal/Cobble Generator Fixed

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By: RaMcHiP
July 13, 2022
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Infinite bone meal farm with a small cobblestone generator as a bonus.. I think I have this perfectly timed out and its as efficient as it can be. I am sure the circuit could be better but it works and its effective! I uploaded the circuit and the generator in 2 files last time. This time they are in 1. You only need 1 circuit to run as many generators as you want within redstone range.

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3 comments on “Bone Meal/Cobble Generator Fixed”

  1. How do I get it to work with the moss? It's only generating cobblestone the parts with the moss aren't doing anything.

  2. To get it working you need to do 3 things: 1st open the trapdoors and fill the area between them with water, 2nd fill the chest with some bone-meal (so the farm can be jump-started), 3rd go to the redstone section and break the head of the sticky piston (since the head was already extended and stuck like that)

  3. While this does produce bone meal it only produces enough to be self-sustaining, not enough to run any kind of bone-meal based farm.

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